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You are the brave warrior, who's fought in many wars. The Grand Sorcerer summons you to his citadel and gives you a task to retrieve his magical belongings, in return he shall grant you great power.

Venture in the beautiful and deadly fantasy world, and fight golems, goblins, skeletons etc. in order to retrieve the Grand Sorcerer's magical belongins.

Be careful in the magical world, and who you trust, as it is full of enemies...

Install instructions

#1. Download the file.

#2. Once the file is downloaded, go to C:/Program Files(x86) and click on "New Folder", on the top of your screen. Right click the new folder and Rename it to "Chicanery Game".

#3. Now go to C:/Users/Downloads, right click the Chicanery.rar file and click "Extract files".

#4. Type in the box "C:/Program Files(x86)/Chicanery Game"

#5 Go to C:/Program Files(x86)/Chicanery Game and double click on Chicanery.

#6 Enjoy and please give me feedback!


Chicanery.zip 493 MB

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